Harbor freight 47257 coupon

Harbor freight 47257 coupon

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Infrared Thermometer Drivers (ZyTemp and All Sun) for Harbor Freight IR thermom

Log in or Join. Adventure Rider. Dismiss Notice Subscriptions are finally here! You can sign up to be a site supporter here. Free ADV gear for annual subscribers: Rate your Harbor Freight Tool Experiences! JimVonBaden , Dec 28, Feb 11, Oddometer: Alexandria, VA. Anyone who is interested in buying inexpensive tools and items from HF can use this thread to see if what they are interested in has a chance of being worth the price!

Skippii , Dec 28, May 11, Oddometer: Richmond, Va. Jan 7, Oddometer: The land of shake and bake. Probably my best one is an old HFT 5 gallon pan cake compressor. I d guess 15 or so years old. It won t die. I ve used the heck out of it. It won t run any air tools. But it is great for tires and to blow the fecal matter off tons of anything I tear apart. Which is almost daily. Ducksmoke likes this. FatChance , Dec 28, Jun 12, Oddometer: On the road. I have the lb motorcycle lift as pictured, Excellent!

Also, the wheel chock on the lift as pictured, Excellent! Also, the heat gun as pictured, Very Good! Also, the motorcycle tire changer. With some aftermarket additions, Excellent! Hvymax likes this. Dave in Wi , Dec 28, Feb 25, Oddometer: I have used both the Cen Tech digital calipers and micrometers. They were cheap, dead nuts accurate checked them against my feeler gauges , readings are repeatable, and my eyes LOVE the fact that they are digital. And you can get readings in metric or inches.

I also recently bought a single 6 point socketat HF to loosen the clutch nut on my atv 24 mm or something like that. How can they do that? It worked fine and now I have it whenever I need it. Speedo66 , Dec 28, Jan 14, Oddometer: Cin City, OH. Had one of their 4 x8 folding trailers with the 12" wheels. Piece of 4x8 plywood and you were in business. Used it millions of times to haul homeowner stuff, etc. Not pretty, not particularly strong, but it never failed.

Paint sucked, had to watch for rust, and wire brush and touch it up occasionally. But when I sold it, I actually got more than I paid for it, so it literally owed me nothing. This one http: When the tips weren t bending, the part of the pliers that held them wouldn t hold them, kept letting them move out of place. These things http: RonkoRider , Dec 28, Oct 21, Oddometer: Sep 6, Oddometer: I have lots of HF tools. Lots of stuff I can t think of at the moment. All excellent. I did have a reciprocating saw that blew the gears after about 2 hours use, a watt generator that developed a bad valve seal after 2 years replaced under extended warranty but could have easily fixed it myself , a butane torch that fell apart.

Ratski , Dec 28, Dec 21, Oddometer: Eastern WI. I have the 12 ton shop press And it works great!! Had the Auto Wire Strippers You had to turn the tension up so far to make them work right that they last about 15 tries, the something went SNAP inside and they ceased to function. CA Stu , Dec 28, Aug 27, Oddometer: Riverside, CA. Way to go guys! This is the kind of information I was hoping to gain.

I too have the V Flux welder. I suck at it, but I suspect it is more me than the welder! I did find that the HF welding wire was not nearly as good as the Lincoln wire at Lowes. I also have the Motorycle Tire changer, or did. It is no longer available, so I left it out. Thanks, and keep it coming! P B G , Dec 28, Mar 7, Oddometer: Greater Chicago. Overall good. PASS - But the abrasives and accessories are subpar, get goot abrasives and cutters, patterns will not match very well however, so I would avoid this particular tool if you require the toothed cutter attachments, or if you do, just clamp the blade down hard.

I have the cordless version of same and enjoy it so far I use this with a cast blade for a portable cast cutter. Pass - Not greatest drills ever, but a complete set. Low Pass - Not great stepped drills, but for around the garage they have come in handy many times. Medium Fail - Usable on occasion, but they don t cut very well, I usually utilize my regular wood drill bits over these, but haven t thrown them away. And general around the shop usage. Have not broken them or worn them out.

Fail - Readings seemed wonky, brother left in back window of car and it seemed to "cook" to death in the sun. Can t handle the heat Sep 29, Oddometer: South Salem, NY. I never use the air part of the lift because my compressor is small and it s really easy to just pump it by foot. I love it! Rock Junkee and oldfartrr like this. MotorradMike , Dec 28, Aug 17, Oddometer: Mallorytown Ontario.

Good thread! I m not going to say Pass or Fail but I m going to weigh in. I got them for measuring stuff under the car during the Winter.

American Rifleman - May -

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The infamous Harbor Freight Buying Guide got an extensive update today!

Hi, Guest Login Register. Author Topic: Greg M Posts: There are haters of HF that I politely ask to just move on and ignore this thread. I welcome criticism of HF tools as long as it s constructive and informative. Festool is what we want but they re expensive and not everyone has a lot of money so we ve got to make decisions compromises.

Harbor Freight Coupons - April

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Harbor Freight Tools Coupon Database

There seems to be a problem serving the request at this time. Harbor Freight has many tools to choose from. The company also has available many coupons. With these coupons, you can claim savings on your Harbor Freight purchases. Each one has its own terms and conditions, but the majority of these coupons are redeemable in-store at Harbor Freight Tools. They will be redeemed at the checkout counter, where the employee will apply your discount to your purchase. Some are eligible for purchases made online at the Harbor Freight website. In this case, you would have to enter a coupon code or promo code during the checkout process before shipping information is entered and payment is made to Harbor Freight Tools. Some coupons are for specific items, such as a tool chest or a surveillance system.

Harbor Freight Coupon Thread

Where will I find a Harbor Freight coupon? Simply browse the printable coupons, click on one, print it out and bring it to your local store. If I need to return something do I have to go back to the store I bought it from? You must return or exchange items within 90 days of purchase. How can I quickly find a Harbor Freight near me? Can I buy storm supplies there? You can!

Rate your Harbor Freight Tool Experiences!

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Forums Search Forums Recent Posts. Log in or Sign up. Jan 20, 1. Jan 22, I opened it up, just realized it had one, popped in my cable and was really happy. For those of you who don t know, this port allows you to communicate the measurement data to a computer with a serial capable microcontroller. There are sketches and C code freely available on the web. I believe that the MSP needs to be tweaked with a transistor on each of the 2 data pins while the Arduino requires just one pin get a transistor and a resistor. Just search. GenesisFactor , Jan 20, Jan 20, 2. Dec 24, I have a set of these. They re pretty nice.

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