Buying coupons on ebay legal

Buying coupons on ebay legal

These major eBay coupon sales are in addition to a raft of other sales events that eBay have run in conjunction with partners. What a sale event does however is encourage buyers to start shopping on eBay again. If the buyer thinks that they got a great deal then they are much more likely to consider eBay the next time around. With enough sales on a single item in a sales event you should be propelled to the top of eBay Best Match for the foreseeable future, even once the sales event is over and prices return to normal. The events are generally for relatively short periods of time but the longer term effects could be worth breaking even or perhaps even making a small loss during the sales period.

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Your gift voucher will consist of a digit alphanumeric code that you can enter while paying for the item using PaisaPay. If you re eligible for a refund, you will receive the entire amount you paid for the order using online bank transfer or credit card. The amount will be refunded back to the same Credit Card or Bank account from where the initial payment was made. For example, if you paid using online bank transfer, the amount will be transferred back to your bank account.

You will not, however, be able to re-use the gift voucher. In some cases, eBay may issue a new voucher at its own discretion but, not necessarily of the same value. Back to top. All you need to do is offer PaisaPay on your listings, and vouchers will be redeemable against your listings depending on the terms and conditions of the specific vouchers. What will it cost me if buyers pay for my item using an eBay gift voucher?

You will be charged the same PaisaPay fees as the payment type used by the buyer for paying the balance amount. So, for a Rs. If the buyer had paid Rs. In case the amount is fully paid for using vouchers, then coupon fees rate will be 4. Can I buy gift vouchers? No, you will not be able to buy vouchers. Ltd "eBay" and is open only to targeted www.

The offer is not intended to person resident outside India and minors and person incompetent to contract and any acceptance of offer and usage of E-Coupons by these persons shall be invalid and void ab-initio. E-Coupons are also not offered to, and shall not be used by, such Users who under any statutory obligations are prohibited to use E-Coupons. E-Coupon is a privilege from eBay and not a right or claim against eBay. A User using the E-Coupons in any manner shall be deemed to have read, understood and accepted these terms and conditions.

E-Coupon is issued to the User and specific to the User ID mentioned in the electronic communication. The value and the mode of using of the E-Coupon are mentioned in the electronic communication. The validity of E-Coupon shall be subject to the condition that the User remains registered user and has neither been suspended nor been in violation of eBay UAs and PaisaPay Payment services. E-Coupons can be redeemed, only before the listing has ended on eBay Website or the item is stock out stock out means that the item is no longer available with the seller or the seller for any reason is unable to list or sell or deliver the item , and only when payments are made through PasiaPay, and on the First-come, first use basis.

Please refer to marketing communication to ascertain the specific terms and condition as applicable. One E-Coupon can be used only for one purchase irrespective of the value of such purchase and the unutilized or underutilized value of the E-Coupons shall be forfeited and User cannot claim any benefit or a substitute E-Coupon in lieu of the same. The purchase value of the item in excess of the value of the E-Coupon shall be paid by the User along with using the E-Coupon. E-Coupon carries no cash value and cannot be transferred, negotiated or sold and cannot be redeemed against cash.

E-Coupons cannot be combined with any other coupons or any other offer or discounts or promotions. Limitation of Liability: Under no circumstances eBay s liability shall exceed giving the User a replacement E-Coupon of the same nature and of the same value. These terms and conditions are subject to Indian laws and any dispute shall be subject to jurisdiction of the courts in Mumbai India only.

What are eBay gift vouchers? What kind of payment types do gift vouchers provide? What are the terms and conditions of using gift vouchers? How can I get a gift voucher? I have received a gift voucher. What do I do? Will I have to pay something to redeem a gift voucher? What happens to my voucher in case I m eligible for a PaisaPay refund?

How can I ensure that my items are eligible for gift voucher purchase? Your gift voucher will consist of a digit alphanumeric code that you can enter while paying for the item using PaisaPay What are the types of gift vouchers? Gift vouchers can be of two types: Flat value: For example, get Rs. Vouchers will have a validity period, which will vary from voucher to voucher. Each gift voucher is good for one-time use only. You will not be able to split the value of a voucher across multiple payments or using more than one voucher at a time.

Gift vouchers are not redeemable against the items listed under Deals of the Week or any other offer. Each voucher is User Id specific. When you buy a Buy It Now item or pay for the item that you have won on www. On the PaisaPay payment page, enter the 10 digit alphanumeric gift voucher code provided to you and click the Apply button.

Once the voucher is validated, the order details at the top of the page will reflect the changes, and will indicate the balance amount to be paid using Credit Card, Debit Card or Online Bank transfer. Complete your payment and click the Pay button. No, eBay gift vouchers are absolutely free for buyers.

EBay Coupon Sellers Clip for Cash

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Your gift voucher will consist of a digit alphanumeric code that you can enter while paying for the item using PaisaPay. If you re eligible for a refund, you will receive the entire amount you paid for the order using online bank transfer or credit card. The amount will be refunded back to the same Credit Card or Bank account from where the initial payment was made. For example, if you paid using online bank transfer, the amount will be transferred back to your bank account.

Amazon vs. eBay – Which Is Better for Selling Your Stuff Online?

Share best practices, tips, and insights. Meet other eBay community members who share your passions. Yes, a hard lesson for you to learn. Now you know that bad things can happen when a buyer violates eBay policy. It sounds like you may have clicked an email link and then logged in to "paypal", which may have been a successful phishing attempt, meaning that the seller now has your PayPal login info.

5 Things Couponers Shouldn’t Do!

Sign up for a Slickdeals account to remove this ad. First Unread. Rdecrane5 Rdecrane5 Joined Jun L2: You have chosen to thumb up this deal. Coupon is valid. You have chosen to thumb down this deal. Coupon is no longer valid. Thread Details.

Common eBay scams and how to avoid them

If you like this article, please consider subscribing so you ll never miss the latest coupon news. For daily digests, just sign up for our email newsletter , or get the latest news right in your feed reader. You can also be notified of news as it happens, by becoming a Facebook fan or following couponinthenews on Twitter. Thanks for visiting! That replaces the old policy, which allows the sale of up to 2 free-product coupons per listing. For years, industry advocates have been pushing for the outright ban on coupon sales. So why the sort-of ban, and why now?

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Share best practices, tips, and insights. Meet other eBay community members who share your passions. Recently saw sellers selling FREE coupons for Harbor freightin other words copying them and sending them to people for moneythis is suspicious and illegal. Please cite a federal or any state laws that declare selling coupons to be illegal. If someone doesn t have easy access to these free coupons, and someone else does, then there is absolutely no reason why the one that does have access to them should not be able to provide such a service to those who want it. Even if the manufacturer claims that they are not to be sold, that still does not make it illegal to sell them. BUT the manufacturer can pursue civil actions.

You can read all about them HERE. I began researching what happens to people who create fake coupons and I know some are caught like. When Rodgers went to redeem them, the coupons would come up as invalid, but because of the high-quality of the forgeries, store managers would override the computer and accept them. It was when the store went to turn them in to the manufacturer that they would find out they were phonies. People create fake coupons not only to use but to sell… I know many of my readers use ebay as a resource but I personally would not use it. I too wished eBay would not allow you to sell coupons. That said if you read the description on sales the seller states you are not buying the coupon but the time and effort in clipping said coupon. So it is legal. By doing so they are then putting value on what they are selling and not what they are doing — in direct conflict with how they are justifying their business to begin with.

You can t sell coupons for free products and all coupons have to be printed on paper, not sent electronically. Be careful not to include pictures or scans of coupons in your listing that could be copied, printed, or redeemed.

LinkedIn Facebook Twitter. Search for: EcommerceBytes Blog News and insight focusing on ecommerce. Ina Steiner Sponsored Link. Login is required to post comments. If you have not yet signed up for AB Verify, or if you d like more information, go to the Registration Page. The new policy is likely a reaction to pressure from companies and possibly from the Coupon Information Center CIC , which has been vigorously fighting coupon fraud and counterfeits. But should eBay restrict all sellers, or only those sellers who are known to be listing counterfeits and fraudulent coupons? Here s the letter eBay sent some sellers yesterday. Dear -, We re writing to let you know that as of today, updates to eBay s manufacturer s coupon policy take effect and may impact your listings: The 25 coupons limit includes multiple coupons purchased from a multi-quantity listing. After September 1, listings in violation of this policy may be subject to a range of other actions, including restrictions of buying and selling privileges and a suspension of your account.

At the time of writing, I counted there were 38, coupon listings on eBay for auction and some of these bids really look fantastic! To get around this issue, eBay sellers word the ad in a way that it makes it sound like the winning price is nothing more than a compensation for their time to collect, clip, and ship the coupon. So, it is not the face value of the coupon at stake here. Sure, I had a few dollars in listing expenses, but the coupons themselves were free I show you later how and where to get them. Not bad for 15 minutes of work. The experiment showed me that it really works and people do buy coupons.

Advertiser Disclosure: The credit card offers that appear on this site are from credit card companies from which MoneyCrashers. This compensation may impact how and where products appear on this site, including, for example, the order in which they appear on category pages. Advertiser partners include American Express, Chase, U. Bank, and Barclaycard, among others. Unused clothing, jewelry, collectibles, and tools can all fetch a pretty penny if you can find the right buyer for them. The easiest way to reach a wide range of buyers is to sell your stuff online. There are plenty of sites to choose from, but the biggest by far are Amazon and eBay. The question is, which one is better? To answer that question, you have to consider three main factors. If it is, you have to consider how much work it takes and how much it costs. To choose between Amazon and eBay, the first thing you need to know is what kind of items you can list for sale on each site. Amazon currently has over 30 categories of goods for sale, but only some of these are open to all sellers. In general, Amazon is more oriented toward selling new products than used ones.

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