Jobs that deals with computers

Jobs that deals with computers

Majors in technology study the ways that we use computers and other electronic devices to solve human problems. Often blended with courses in engineering, technology degree programs provide students with skills and knowledge in a wide array of technical areas. Successful technology majors understand not only how a system works, but also how to make it work better. And in the wake of the information economy that has sprung up in America over the last twenty years, quality technology programs cross-train students by exposing them to course work in business, social science and liberal arts. Regardless of the burst of the "dot-com bubble" and despite the "offshoring" of software engineering jobs by some large companies, the U. Department of Labor predicts steady, sharp growth for in the job market for skilled computer software engineers for at least the next decade.

Computer Programmers

Matt Ashare teaches journalism and media studies in the department of communications at Randolph College, a private liberal arts college located in Lynchburg, Va. For 18 years, he was on staff at the Boston Phoenix, and he has been a columnist and freelance contributor at a number of publications, including Rolling Stone, The Village Voice, Details and ArtForum. He graduated from Wesleyan University in Middletown, Conn.

Competitive compensation. Generous benefits. Job security. Student loan debt forgiveness. There are a number of tangible perks that come with working for the federal, state or local government, including the ability to better the country and our society in ways big and small. In addition, there are jobs at the state government level, which can be found by accessing the resources of each individual state. The map below provides state-by-state links to the relevant agencies.

There are a number of tangible benefits the come with working for the federal government, and in many cases this also applies to jobs in state and local government. In spite of the latest projections from the BLS, which anticipate a net loss of , jobs at the federal level from through , the government is always hiring.

New federal initiatives targeting renewable energy, improved veterans services and care, and technology sector education and growth require new workers at all levels, from technical staff to secretaries and administrators, from data entry to data management. The U. But that includes workers making far more and far less than that amount. In addition, most salaried positions in the federal government fall under the Federal Wage System classification system.

Since at least the middle part of the 20th century, the federal government has aimed to lead by example when it comes to using the size of its workforce and the economic clout that comes with that to provide a full array of benefits for its workers, from health and dental insurance, to low-cost life insurance and retirement pensions. Along with subsidized medical and dental insurance, most federal jobs include provisions for paid vacation and sick leave.

Further, the Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program in allows for the reduction and forgiveness of qualifying student loans for graduates who are working full-time for a government entity. Working for the government might mean overseeing USDA inspections that insure the quality of our food supply, conducting scientific research that leads to breakthroughs in science and technology, conducting surveys and analyzing data that creates better social programs for children and families in need.

Or, it could mean writing the reports, building the infrastructure, or cooking the meals that support those vital projects. Satisfaction often comes from knowing that they are helping and serving people in their roles as public employees. The Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program, enacted by Congress in , has created a useful bridge between the money students can borrow in order to complete their education and the kinds of jobs they might want to seek both during and after their time in school.

The program forgives the remaining balance on federal Direct Loans after making qualifying monthly payments roughly 10 years under a qualifying repayment plan while working full time for a qualifying employer. You must be employed full time in any position at a public service organization or serving full time with AmeriCorps or the Peace Corps.

Qualifying positions include:. A government organization , including a federal, state, local or tribal organization, agency or entity. A not-for-profit, tax-exempt organization under section c 3 of the Internal Revenue Code. A not-for-profit organization, except a labor union or partisan political organization , that provides one of the following services:.

Early childhood education including licensed or regulated health care, Head Start and state-funded pre-kindergarten. Public health including nurses, nurse practitioners, nurses in a clinical setting and full-time professionals engaged in health care practitioner occupations and health care support occupations. Nonprofit organizations that are not tax-exempt under Section c 3 of the Internal Revenue Code and do not provide a qualifying service.

However, they may become eligible if consolidated into a Direct Consolidation Loan and beginning qualifying payments. Borrowers should also note that only payments made after October 1, —when the program began—are eligible. Borrowers should know that loan forgiveness is not automatic after payments—careful paperwork and certification must be completed for eligibility.

Since payments will take at least 10 years, the U. Department of Education recommends borrowers periodically submit an Employment Certification for Public Service Loan Forgiveness form while working toward the eligibility requirements. Borrowers will be informed of whether their employment and payments qualify toward the program. The certification paperwork must also be signed by the qualifying employer. The BLS does provide a useful conceptual breakdown of government employment, using six categories listed in the chart below:.

Beyond that, there are jobs that are unique to state and local government, cities, municipalities, counties and towns. Each city, town, and county can have its own approach to governmental structure and municipal services, which can include everything from maintaining parks to ticketing illegally parked cars, from administering the schools to teaching the classes.

Depending on the size of the city or town, the responsibilities of the particular job, and the economic realities of the region, the salary and benefits can differ quite a bit. Landscaping and grounds keeping workers Landscaping and grounds keeping workers maintain the public areas of the municipality. Database administrators Database administrators maintain and operate computer databases that pertain to the functioning of municipalities.

Surveying and mapping technicians Surveying and mapping technicians work with architects, civil engineers and administrators, creating maps for construction and other public works projects, as well as for zoning and other boundary location purposes. Healthcare social workers Healthcare social workers provide support services and direction to people in need of medical services. Fire inspectors and investigators Fire inspectors and investigators are charged with insuring that buildings and homes in the municipality are up to code, and investigate fires and explosions.

According to the latest BLS data, nearly 2. And that excludes jobs in schools and hospitals, which are both significant areas of employment within state government. At the same time, each state has agencies that are charged with larger concerns that mirror federal agencies, from highway and infrastructure maintenance, to taxing assessment and collection.

And there are particular areas that are solely the domain of the states, like motor vehicle registries and driver licensing. Purchasing managers Purchasing managers are in charge of procurement for large, state-funded projects, including public works and highway construction, repair and maintenance. Elementary school teachers Elementary school teachers generally teach in the basic areas of study for children in kindergarten through sixth grade.

Judicial law clerks Judicial law clerks work directly for judges who may be appointed or elected, conducting research and preparing legal documents. Agricultural engineers Agricultural engineers use technology and biological science to solve problems related to soil and water conservation, the processing of meat, poultry and other agricultural products and other farming practices. Depending on how the numbers are crunched, the U.

If you count the military, that adds roughly 1. The BLS numbers for federal government employment by agency indicate that even if you exclude those in the military, the Department of Veterans Affairs and the Department of the Army account for more than half of all federal civilian employment. Of course, that includes a whole lot of support staff, from engineers and construction specialists, to doctors, nurses and scientific researchers. And, the federal bureaucracy also requires secretaries, data managers, public relations coordinators, enforcement officers, training instructors, computer specialists, lawyers, legal analysts, doctors, nurses, dentists, dieticians, nutritionists, and the list goes on and on and on.

To get a sense of the range of jobs and salaries that fall under the rubric of federal civilian employment, here are a few employment options in the realm of federal civil service. Human resource specialists Human resource specialists recruit and place workers in appropriate jobs, manage payroll issues, and provide information to employees about health insurance, pension plan and other benefits. Aerospace engineers Aerospace engineers design, build and test aircraft, missiles, space vehicles and satellites.

Foresters Foresters manage and maintain public lands, parks, wildlife habitats, beaches and watersheds, and help to insure compliance with environmental regulations. The federal government is, by its own admission, a huge and complex bureaucracy, if not by design, then certainly by necessity. Simply put, even at the state level, the vast array of functions and responsibilities that are in the hands of government agencies requires large organizational structure and hierarchies that have to be both efficient and fair.

That requires a lot of manpower, and a fair amount of judicious oversight and careful enforcement. And, the process of applying for government jobs had become so impenetrably complex and convoluted that in President Obama issued an executive order to improve and reform federal job recruitment and hiring procedures. As a result, the USAJOBS , the central online hub for federal civilian job openings, has become somewhat more user-friendly, and a new version of the old civil service exam has emerged in the form of USA Hire , an online assessment tool that the Office of Personnel Management indicates is already in use for 10 percent of all federal job openings.

Here are some helpful resources for finding and applying for government jobs at the federal level:. USA Hire. Office of Personnel Management, Disability Employment. There are also a number of professional organizations that can be helpful resources for jobseekers, and for those already employed in the government jobs. They can offer professional advice, continuing education opportunities, job bulletins, and other assets unique to particular fields in government employment.

Here are some of the more notable professional societies for government workers:. The Government Employees Association: A nonprofit organization serving veterans and government employees since Society of Government Meeting Professionals: An organization dedicated to helping government managers and administrators improve the quality and cost effectiveness of government meetings. National Association of State Departments of Agriculture: An organization of food safety professionals and agricultural administrators aimed at fostering cooperation among state departments of agriculture, and the federal government.

Society of American Foresters: An organization that provides information, networking opportunities and educations assets for forestry professionals. American Public Works Association: An organization that serves the community of professionals who plan, build and maintain civil infrastructure projects. A nonprofit organization that helps federal employees understand a protect retirement and healthcare benefits.

A society formed to help organize federal and governmental employees around creating a better image of civil servants. Created by the National Community Service and Trust Act of , AmeriCorps is essentially a funding and organizational framework to help foster community nonprofit agencies. Its primary areas of focus are education, environmental sustainability, public safety and healthcare. As of the latest report from the Corporation for Federal and Community Service, AmeriCorps had more than 75, full- and part-time volunteer workers engaged in community-based programs and initiative across the country.

In addition to being a valuable and rewarding personal experience, participation in AmeriCorps, which is one of the ways to earn student debt relief through the Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program, can be valuable training for a professional career. The organization offers professional development and resume resources, and it looks good on a resume as well. Those who participate the AmeriCorps VISTA program can then become eligible for preferred status in the hunt for a federal government job.

Those with noncompetitive eligibility status are also able to apply for jobs that are only open to those already employed by the federal government. For more information on AmeriCorps and careers in government, visit. Department of Veterans Affairs VA. More information about education benefits offered by VA is available at the official U.

You re about to search for degree programs related to a career that you are researching.

Guide To Majors - Technology

Computer Hope is not hiring for any of these positions. When jobs are made available, they will be posted on our hiring page. The following list was created for users who enjoy computers but are uncertain about what field to enter. Each section contains a description of a job, the requirements, and recommendations on how to proceed if you re interested. This document does not contain salary information because they vary greatly depending on the company and its location.

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Includes technical and informational support for a variety of areas. Positions available in computers, communications, environmental health, intelligence, explosives and unmanned vehicle operations. This equipment needs to consistently work in order for the Army to direct the movement of its troops. A cryptologic linguist is primarily responsible for identifying foreign communications using signals equipment.

Is there any career where I can just build computers.

Last Updated: January 25, As nearly all aspects of life become more intertwined with technology, IT Jobs will continue to experience substantial growth during the coming decade. In accordance with this rising demand, IT jobs often pay well, and many come with desirable benefits, such as options to work remotely, and room for promotion. Sifting through the many IT career options can be a daunting task.

The 20 Best IT Jobs for and Beyond

Computer and Technology Education Finder Search our database of online and campus-based computer and technology programs. Your ZIP Code: Computer and Information Research Scientist. Computer and information research scientists are computing technology professionals that develop new ways to use computer technology and improve existing computing technology. PhD degree. Computer Network Architect. Computer network architect design, build and maintain complex computer data networks including wide area networks WANs , local area networks LANs and intranets. Bachelor s degree.

When I told my family and friends that I wanted to learn how to code, I heard a lot of this: They meant well. And the best part? You can snag these awesome creative tech jobs with just a couple years or, if you work on your portfolio, even months of experience. User Experience, or UX, is all about the often intangible experience of navigating a website or app. UX defines the way a user feels when they search for your mobile menu, or click to your contact information, or just look at your logo.

What jobs are available in the computer industry?

Careers rarely develop the way we plan them. Our career path often takes many twists and turns, with particular events, choices and people influencing our direction. We asked Frank Morrison from Health Service Executive to give some advice for people considering this job:. Be prepared for hard work. Be a team player. Have a good sense of humour. Learn from your mistakes.

Programming jobs may not be as prestigious or easy to land as they once were though blockchain programming may become huge 10 Computer Programming Jobs That Are In Demand Right Now 10 Computer Programming Jobs That Are In Demand Right Now Since landing a programming job can be tough in the current landscape, consider focusing on one of the following concentrations to improve your chances of success. Read More , but the industry is still booming with opportunity. If you want to start a career in programming, you absolutely can. Would it be nice if video game developers could be paid the same as database engineers? Of course! Since landing a programming job can be tough in the current landscape, consider focusing on one of the following concentrations to improve your chances of success. Programming job titles are vague, to say the least. They all involve the same general process:

As technology advances and evolves, individuals with formal training and skills will find themselves in a position to take advantage of the best opportunities the field of computers and information technology has to offer.

Careers rarely develop the way we plan them. Our career path often takes many twists and turns, with particular events, choices and people influencing our direction. We asked Shane Sargeant from Languages Connect to give some advice for people considering this job:. The Department looks to hire people from diverse backgrounds and disciplines. It is however important to be civic-minded, and to have a keen interest in domestic and international politics and current affairs. I would advise anyone interested in a career as a diplomat to keep on top of current affairs and to get involved in relevant fields; volunteering, university societies and newspapers etc. Languages can also give a competitive advantage! Creative people are drawn to careers and activities that enable them to take responsibility for the design, layout or sensory impact of something visual, auditory etc. They may be atrracted to the traditional artistic pursuits such as painting, sculpture, singing, or music. Or they may show more interest in design activities, such as architecture, animation, or craft areas, such as pottery and ceramics. Creative people use their personal understanding of people and the world they live in to guide their work. Creative people like to work in unstructured workplaces, enjoy taking risks and prefer a minimum of routine. The tech sector is dynamic and vibrant, but it can be demanding with the most appealing jobs requiring high skill levels in coding, hardware and data analysis.

Four broad fronts of science and technology continue to advance and impact every corner of academia, industry and commerce. Together they have ushered in the new digital era and are revolutionizing the world way we live and interact with each other, they are:. Science and technology work hand in hand to achieve new breakthroughs, so it has become increasingly difficult to define exactly where one technology stops and another begins. Job titles such as engineer , scientist and analyst are gradually becoming interchangeable, depending largely on the employer, context and application of the work, which can be confusing at first. The development of personal mobile devices and falling prices of computer hardware and software have made technology more accessible than ever before. There is a new specialty within the universe of technology referred to as IoT — The Internet of Things and this field concerns itself with connectivity using cutting edge renewable energy resources to power this connectivity. Almost all industries will see an increase in employment of computer professionals over the next decade.

Want to know more about careers in earth and physical sciences? Browse through detailed information on dozens of careers to discover what scientists, engineers, and other STEM professionals really do and what it takes to prepare for these careers. Each career profile provides basic career information such as salary, job outlook, degree requirements, and more. We have also included videos featuring interviews with real scientists or on-the-job profiles. Want to know more about careers in life science? Want to know more about careers in engineering? Want to know more about careers in math and computer science? Want to know more about careers in health? You may print and distribute up to copies of this document annually, at no charge, for personal and classroom educational use. When printing this document, you may NOT modify it in any way. For any other use, please contact Science Buddies. Explore Careers in Earth and Physical Science Want to know more about careers in earth and physical sciences?

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