Blairs deals

Blairs deals

It is widely believed that the two met in the now defunct restaurant Granita in Islington , London , following the unexpected death of the Labour Leader John Smith on 12 May, and that Brown agreed to not stand in the forthcoming Labour leadership election so as to allow Blair a better chance of easy victory. In return, Brown would be granted wide powers over domestic policy in any future government led by Blair; it is also widely believed that Blair agreed, if he were appointed Prime Minister , to stay in the job for only two terms and then resign in Brown s favour. The existence of any deal was denied for many years by both men. The existence of the deal was publicly dismissed by Blair, Brown and many of their associates for several years, prompting much speculation as to what, if anything, was agreed. I m in absolutely no doubt there was a deal since Gordon phoned me the morning after it was made and told me about it. But at the same time I also believe that both men left the restaurant with a different version of the deal in their minds.

Blair–Brown deal

Tony Blair was involved in attempting to secure business deals for wealthy clients in an African country that he also advised, according to emails obtained by The Telegraph. The latest disclosure threatens to embroil Mr Blair in fresh criticism over his charitable activities. The award led to a letter of protest from staff across the wider international charity. An online petition demanding the award be revoked has attracted more than , signatures.

South Sudan s struggle. The emails obtained by The Telegraph through a freedom of information request to the US government suggest Mr Blair offered to use his extensive business contacts in South Sudan, where AGI was advising the president. The Americans — through their international aid department USAID — were organising a conference in Washington, involving state donors and private sector investors, to help the South Sudanese government survive a fiscal crisis.

It may, for instance, be as simple as suggesting additional people who could come to the conference. If Mr Blair were to help South Sudan find potential investors, it would have been done on an entirely non-commercial basis and for no fee. The spokesman added: The work he does for AGI is pro bono, and through it he provides advice to African leaders on how to deliver reform agendas that increase the standard of living of their citizens. This delayed their approach to come in.

Mr Blair visited Ethiopia in July and returned last April. Human rights campaigners criticised Mr Blair for taking a role with Ethiopia. Leslie Lefkow, of Human Rights Watch, said: How is he supporting governance in an authoritarian state that suppresses all independent criticism, where the police and security forces enjoy total impunity, and the ruling party won Terms and Conditions. Style Book. Weather Forecast. Accessibility links Skip to article Skip to navigation. Sunday 07 April Related Articles.

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Tony Blair was involved in attempting to secure business deals for wealthy clients in an African country that he also advised, according to emails obtained by The Telegraph.

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Questions over Tony Blair’s opaque’ deals in Africa

The French move, at an EU summit in Brussels, confirmed David Miliband, the Foreign Secretary, as the British politician with the best chance of getting one of the new European jobs that will be created with the passing of the Lisbon Treaty later this month. Gordon Brown this week began a public campaign for Mr Blair, just as European leaders appear to be deserting the former favourite for the new presidency. Mr Sarkozy was the first European leader to name Mr Blair as a candidate for the presidency in EU leaders angry at Tories over David Cameron letter, report claims. Only third of voters want Blair. EU climate change deal under threat.

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Our new issue is out now. Subscribe today! Not content with being repeatedly wrong in his reflexive advice for politicians to tack to the right, Blair doubled down in a recent interview with Politico, warning against the rise of left-wing populism. Spooked by the Brexit result, Blair has embarked on a project to inject himself back into British and global politics after a ten-year leave of absence that was first made necessary by his toxic standing among the general public. Labour routinely trotted him out in election years to give his endorsement to the latest Labour prime-minister-to-be, while Blair himself has taken every opportunity to warn Labour against moving leftward a piece of advice he also disastrously imparted to Hillary Clinton during her run. Yet Blair is the last person anyone should listen to about politics in For a long time, no one knew quite what he was worth, owing partly to the inscrutable nature of his businesses. His spokesman was telling the truth. Neighbors are unimpressed:

Nicolas Sarkozy deals blow to Tony Blair s EU presidency hopes

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Please refresh the page and retry. It never published the names of its clients, despite publishing details of work Mr Blair had before the firm was set up. The ministerial code requires former ministers to consult the advisory committee on business appointments ACOBA on each role they wish to take up within two years of leaving office. The correspondence forms part of a cache of documents obtained by this newspaper following a four-year legal battle to shed light on the clearance Mr Blair received before striking multi-million pound deals to advise Gulf states and conglomerates. He has been repeatedly accused of cashing in on contacts gained while in office, and of a series of potential conflicts of interest with the unpaid Quartet envoy role he carried out for eight years in the Middle East. There was absolutely no conflict between the commercial activities of TBA and his work as Quartet representative. No consultancy touched on that work in any way at all. And it would earn him a small fortune. Nor were any forthcoming in the months afterwards. I n subsequent months and years Mr Blair would pick up lucrative contracts advising Mubadala, the sovereign wealth fund of Abu Dhabi, and governments including Kazakhstan and the United Arab Emirates.

Tony Blair asked government officials to keep lucrative deals a secret

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Tony Blair struck £9 MILLION deal for institute to advise on Saudi Arabia s modernisation

British prime minister Theresa May says that any proposed challenge to her leadership risks delaying the Brexit negotiations. Former UK prime minister Tony Blair: It is a bad deal for both sides. So be prepared for all eventualities, including the possibility of a new referendum. Theresa May has shown courage and resilience in concluding the draft deal, and both the British and European negotiators should be respected for their immense efforts in hugely difficult circumstances. I sympathise deeply with both them and her. But at the heart of this negotiation has been two big flaws, one technical, one political. Theresa May says her deal achieves this — at least when talking to a UK audience. Likewise the elaborate backstop arrangements necessary to keep the Irish Border open as now are presented in the UK as meaning the UK will stay in the customs union for a finite period as determined by the UK. Europe knows this is not correct. In other words, Europe has a veto. These are all clever formulations — the product of experienced and smart wordsmiths — but they seek to mask a fundamental divergence. This is not wise. It is a recipe for future chaos. The political flaw is equally profound.

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By Lucia Kubosova. UK prime minister Gordon Brown has agreed to a secret deal with Germany and France which effectively rules out Tony Blair as a new EU president but the British ex-leader is also interested in the new role of Europe s foreign chief, a UK daily is reporting. Watch our founder Lisbeth Kirk explain the reasons in this 30 seconds video. French President Nicolas Sarkozy previously backed Mr Blair as a possible candidate to head the EU s 27 member states while Mr Brown praised his potential qualities for the job but did not specifically back him. At the same time, German chancellor Angela Merkel is reportedly opposed to such a scenario, which means that - under a new deal referred to by the British diplomat in the article — her opposition would automatically spoil Mr Blair s chances of being supported by any of Europe s three biggest countries. Apart from Tony Blair, the other candidate mentioned most often and thought to enjoy backing by Berlin and Paris is Luxembourg s prime minister and veteran of the EU stage, Jean-Claude Juncker.

Questions over Tony Blair’s opaque’ deals in Africa

The leaked page contract apparently shows that the former Labour prime minister s umbrella company, Tony Blair Associates, agreed in November to arrange deals for PetroSaudi with his senior Chinese officials contacts during his visit to Beijing that month, as reported by The Sunday Times. The contract appears to state that TBA would help find potential new investment donors and says that they would make "introductions to the senior political leadership, industrial policy-makers, corporate entities and other persons in China identified and deemed by us and you to be relevant to PetroSaudi s international strategy," the Sunday Times added. A spokesperson said: However, the Sunday Times reported that chief investment officer of PetroSaudi, Patrick Mahoney, claimed that Blair worked on the Saudi Arabian deal "for about four to five months maximum. At The Independent , no one tells us what to write. Subscribe now. You can find our Community Guidelines in full here. Your account has been blocked for contravening the community guidelines. Want to discuss real-world problems, be involved in the most engaging discussions and hear from the journalists? Try Independent Minds free for 1 month. Anyone can post in open comments. Please continue to respect all commenters and create constructive debates.

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