Fuel dump deals

Fuel dump deals

Especially when you travel a lot, you need to check the price twice. I have never experienced a first class flight because the costs are so much higher than economy seats which literally makes no sense for me except when they offer comfortable beds and great food. Anyway, the price of a simple airplane tickets consist of airport charges, the aircrew, air traffic control tower , aircraft and kerosene prices. I found out a cool trick how to save some money by booking an airplane ticket with fuel dumping. The term fuel dumping has two different meanings. The first importance is the actual process.

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Log in. By logging into your account, you agree to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy , and to the use of cookies as described therein. Forgot Password? Social Groups. Mark Forums Read. Thread Tools. Jun 2, 16, 8: Original Poster. Hi Travel Experts, We are happy to launch a website which focus on fuel dump tricks. All the results are filtered with CPM to select good deals. So no matter you are a travel hacker who wants to explore fuel dump tricks or a normal traveler who is interested in the promotion deals, this is a valuable place you could drop by.

View Public Profile. Visit fueldumpstrike s homepage! Find More Posts by fueldumpstrike. Jun 8, 16, 2: I visited the site but could not find any information on any itinerary. At the face of it, this would seem to be another site there are a few whose aim is to harvest other people s FD information. Last edited by TWA; Jun 8, 16 at 8: Better left for alerting the moderator. Find More Posts by aktchi. Posting Rules. You may not post new threads. BB code is On.

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Discussion of fuel dumps

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Hi, Gary. Other than reading the wiki and almost the entire [FlyerTalk] thread, could you help summarize, or simplify, the [fuel dump] tips and tricks? I think someone could monetize on creating an online course about this subject. Do any exist? There are mistake fares probably every day but only a small percentage know about them, as they are kept privy within inner circles.

China Eastern Flight Dumps 30 Tons of Fuel to Make Emergency Landing

Fuel dumping or a fuel jettison is a procedure used by aircraft in certain emergency situations before a return to the airport shortly after takeoff, or before landing short of its intended destination emergency landing to reduce the aircraft s weight. Aircraft have two major types of weight limits: This allows an aircraft on a normal, routine flight to take off at the higher weight, consume fuel en route, and arrive at a lower weight. There are other variables involving takeoff and landing weights, but they are omitted from this article for the sake of simplicity. It is the abnormal, non-routine flight where landing weight can be a problem. If a flight takes off at the maximum takeoff weight and then faces a situation where it must return to the departure airport due to certain mechanical problems, or a passenger medical problem for instance , there will not be time to consume the fuel meant for getting to the original destination, and the aircraft may exceed the maximum landing weight to land at the departure point.

Fuel Dumping: A Little-Understood Trick to Save Hundreds of Dollars on Airfare

Please refresh the page and retry. S hortly after flight VS43 took off from Gatwick Airport in December , the pilots realised there was a problem: One set of wheels had become jammed. They would have to turn back. Aside from having less rubber to touch down with, the pilots had another problem: Too heavy to land under normal circumstances, let alone with malfunctioning landing gear. The solution, then? Dump fuel, which is exactly what the pilots of VS43 did, releasing thousands of gallons of kerosine over southern England before returning to Gatwick, where they landed safely. Fuel is stored in the wings of a plane and is jettisoned from small nozzles also located in the wings. The pilot typically goes through a three or four step process to engage the plumbing and start dumping fuel.

Planes dumped hundreds of tonnes of fuel over Canada in

Discussion in Skydentify - What is that Thing in the Sky? Log in or Sign up. Previous Thread Next Thread. As the was fully loaded with fuel for the long flight, it was unable to immediately land, as it was over-weight. So the plane had to dump fuel until it reached a safe landing weight. This is normal procedure, and perfectly legal.

Secret Flying Fuel Dumping Tool

Our correspondents discuss how some travellers are taking advantage of "fuel dumping", a quirk in airline-booking systems, to fly more cheaply. IF a company is sophisticated enough to operate modern aircraft, logic dictates that it should also be capable of collecting the full price for that transport. Yet the IT used for ticketing pales in comparison with that used for flying. The price of most international tickets has three components. This fee has no direct link to the cost of jet fuel. But airlines benefit from classifying revenue as YQ. It makes it easier to change thousands of prices at once by adjusting the surcharge. And it can cut the cost of frequent-flyer programmes, since many European carriers charge YQ on award tickets.

The Secret to Finding Cheap Flights: Airline Mistake Fares and Secret Flying

Rotate image Save Cancel. Breaking news: See More. More New Posts. Page 1 of 3 Jump to page: Next Last. Should RFD have a fuel dump thread? Considering how RFD is all about saving money and fueldumping saves s if not s of dollars a year for travellers, it seems like many people on this forum might be interested in such a discussion.

Commercial jet aircraft are dumping hundreds of tonnes of aviation fuel in Canadian airspace because of mechanical problems, medical and other emergencies, and even unruly passengers.

Booking a Fuel Dump with a 3X

Once in a while — perhaps once or twice a year — major airlines will make an error in calculating fares. These fares get posted by the airlines into a network of computer systems where travel agents and, more importantly, Online Travel Agencies OTAs like Priceline or Expedia can then sell them to the public. Sometimes these fares are available for a few minutes before the mistake is corrected. Or, they may available for hours or, on rare occasions, may stay up for a day or longer. Savvy fliers know that these mistakes are traditionally honored — under certain circumstances — and that those who move quickly can sometimes grab seats at a healthy discount. While a real error may well be honored by the airline, these fares are completely different. Bogus errors are designed to get you to buy a ticket that will almost certainly be cancelled or, worse, result in additional charges at boarding, loss of frequent flyer accounts or flat out denial of boarding on your return leg. The benefit to those who operate these scams is usually the i ncreased traffic to their web sites and increased commissions. At best these offers are click bait. At worst, these sites create profits will putting unwary travelers at risk of ruined vacations and expensive additional flights. As mentioned above, from time to time airlines make mistakes. But these genuine errors are few and far between. Instead, they are itineraries that these websites or blogs have themselves created by manipulating fare rules and using insider knowledge to artificially lower the price at specific online travel agencies or search engines. First, they find a website that will unwittingly accept a bogus itinerary that results in a super low price. That link is featured in their blurb on the so-called error — and that is the link they want you to follow.

Hide expired deals. Use legacy view. At any rate, we got into a discussion of Southwest pulling out of Akron and the prohibitively high cost of flying from Cleveland to NYC:. Avios help, and they will continue to help even when they go up from 4. United had a saver award flight into Newark. Theoretically it would entail paying an expedite fee, but any seminar attendee can tell you the workaround for that:. And Delta was not much help either: So then he asked me if Skiplagged would be of use in this case. For decades people have been saving money on tickets by using hidden-city ticketing, something that the airlines frown upon.

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VIDEO ON THEME: Fuel Dump During Flight
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