Tokyo disney discount coupon

Tokyo disney discount coupon

Show Original Read all 28, reviews. Book now for: Embrace the wonder and fantasy of Tokyo Disneyland or DisneySea. The vibrant atmosphere, exciting rides, and thrilling attractions will instantly engulf you with joy the second you walk through the entrance. With a Tokyo Disneyland or DisneySea day pass, you can experience one of these two theme parks that offer a plethora of entertainment with an interesting Japanese twist in one day! The world-renowned theme parks present magical lands to explore and plenty of restaurants for all the foodies out there.

5 Tips for Saving Money at Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea

Facebook Twitter. Tokyo Disney Resort is extremely popular with the Japanese and has been very profitable for the Oriental Land Company, which owns and operates the resort. Tokyo Disney Resort has two theme parks: Tokyo Disneyland , which opened in , and Tokyo DisneySea , which opened in Tokyo Disneyland is sort of a cross between Disneyland in California and Magic Kingdom in Florida, but it has a unique layout and there are quite a few other surprises.

Some of the attractions are different. Some of the shows at Tokyo Disneyland do not exist elsewhere. There is also a do-not-miss, spectacularly-themed buffeteria restaurant called Queen of Hearts Banquet Hall. Start saving your pennies for a trip to DisneySea now! It puts the other Disney theme parks to shame. Virtually all of the attractions at DisneySea were created especially for this park and so far have not been duplicated elsewhere.

In fact, if you can afford to fly to Walt Disney World and stay in a Moderate or Deluxe hotel, you can almost certainly afford to visit Tokyo Disney Resort. Airfares are not an insurmountable barrier. If you have any frequent flyer miles accumulated, we strongly recommend using them to upgrade from Coach to Business class or if you have enough miles, redeem them for free Business class tickets because it is a long flight.

Another good option: ANA and other carriers also offer a Premium Economy service that is actually very comfortable, and basically comparable to flying in First Class on domestic carriers. From Los Angeles, the travel time is Read our tips and tricks to help you find the best airfares. Tickets for the Tokyo Disney Resort theme parks are much less expensive than tickets for the US theme parks! There is a discounted 1-day Senior Passport age 60 and over.

Four days is the maximum length of a regular passport. Annual Passports are available, but are very expensive. Full-service dinners especially character meals at the official hotels are especially expensive. Full service lunches are a lot cheaper than dinners, so if you want to experience the nicer restaurants, do it at lunch! Most snacks and beverages from the theme park vending carts are similarly priced to the US parks, or perhaps a tiny bit cheaper.

American food, but also because Tokyo has a wide variety of food available, and Japanese people tend to be pretty familiar with foreign foods. You can easily find hamburgers, hot dogs, sandwiches, fried chicken fingers, etc. Hotels are the most expensive aspect of visiting Tokyo Disney Resort. Land is extremely precious in Japan and that is very much reflected in the cost of hotel rooms.

Fortunately the resort is very close to central Tokyo — about minutes by commuter train from JR Tokyo Station — so there are many other possibilities. See the Hotel Options section below for suggestions. Unless otherwise noted, prices quoted below are for a double room sleeping two people. When in doubt, search for an email contact for the hotel and ask questions; most hotels communicate quite well in written English, but understanding spoken English over a phone may be difficult.

You will find that American-style double-sized beds are more common in American and European chains like Sheraton and Hilton. The official Disney hotels tend to follow the Japanese model with lots of single beds and very few double beds. The Deluxe Disney Hotels are all very nice, and very expensive. You get a few special perks for staying in the official Disney hotels. These change from time to time, but as of April the important ones are:. It has just over rooms. Standard rooms have two regular single beds and a trundle bed and sleep up to 3 people.

There are a variety of family rooms and suites that can handle 4 or more, though not very many of them. You can walk to either park about 20 minutes , or take a minute bus ride to either of them. Tokyo Disneyland is about a minute monorail ride away. There are a variety of family rooms and suites that can handle 4 or more, and there are more of them than at the other two hotels. To get to DisneySea, you just take a minute monorail ride. There are four seasons at the Disney hotels: Value, Regular, Peak and Top.

Value season is mainly weekdays in January and February. Regular season is mainly weekdays in May, September, October, November and the first half of December. Peak and Top seasons include most Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, the last half of July, all of August and the late December through early January holiday season.

Read more about the best time to visit Tokyo Disney Resort. Online reservations are now available for the Tokyo Disney Resort hotels, but not all rooms are available online. From the US, you must call between 9: For instance, from California this would mean calling between 4: When you call to make a reservation, you will initially hear a recording in Japanese, but the recording then welcomes you in English and tells you if you need to speak to someone in English to please press 9 and then 1.

The operators speak excellent English and are very efficient. You get a few special perks for staying in a Value Disney hotels. It has just over rooms in two buildings: Wish and Discover. Standard rooms have two regular single beds and 2 daybeds and sleep up to 4 people. Each building offers a buffet breakfast only. The walk to DisneySea is even longer minutes. Hilton Tokyo Bay and Sheraton Grande Tokyo Bay are both very nice hotels and can be easily booked through their respective websites in English.

Both have English-speaking staff members. Another MouseSavers. Considering that it is half the price per night of the MiraCosta or Ambassador hotels, it is in my opinion nicer! I always have for Japan an unusually large room with two beds and an ocean view. Rooms at this hotel are somewhat spartan, with single beds only up to 3 per room and still quite expensive, depending on season. Rooms may be noisy due to the trains overhead.

Dream Gate is primarily marketed to Japanese people and the English language website is pretty minimal. The hotel staff speak a little English. Bookings for these hotels can also be made via Disney Resort Reservations Center at 9: Wait all the way till the English spiel starts and then proceed from there. Fortunately Tokyo Disney Resort is not far from the eastern districts of central Tokyo.

The trains run very frequently and absolutely on time. There are a wealth of hotel options if you stay in Tokyo. The overall quality of Tokyo hotels is very good. You can count on cleanliness even at the lower end, though rooms are often very small in less expensive accommodations. We recommend checking Expedia and searching by price. Another worthwhile option to consider is Priceline. Only a few hotels in Tokyo seem to be participating in Priceline, which allows you to choose an area and a quality rating up to 5 stars , but does not allow you to pick the exact hotel.

All of the hotels are very nice, though you should expect small rooms, as is typical of Japanese hotels. The buses run frequently and will take you straight to the resort in about 60 minutes. If you come in too late after 5: Buses to Shin-Urayasu run until about 8: They will set you up with a reservation and ticket and tell you when you need to be there to get your bus.

The machines will will tell you how much more you owe. Insert that amount and it will be added to your ticket. One major advantage of this service is that they handle your luggage for you and take you door-to-door. Due to traffic it takes quite a while to get into Tokyo. When going into Tokyo proper, you may find that the next bus that goes directly to your hotel is an hour or more away, and they might suggest or you might choose to go to the Tokyo Central Air Terminal TCAT station, and then take a cab from there.

This is a perfectly fine approach for many hotels in the central area basically the area near Tokyo train station. There are lots of cabs near TCAT, and just about any Tokyo driver can understand enough English to get you to a major hotel. The last bus typically leaves around 5: You can look up departure times on the Airport Limousine website. Buses run later going into Tokyo. The cost is about the same.

It is perfectly safe and the trains run on time. In short, this is not a fun way to start your trip.

Visiting Tokyo Disneyland

Inspired by the myths and legends of the sea, Tokyo DisneySea is made up of seven themed ports of call: Everyone s favourite Magical kingdom characters comes to life and changes costumes time to time, from Easter, Halloween and Christmas to Japan s traditional costumes! Mediterranean Harbor at the entrance to the park is styled after an Italian port town. Large shows with boats and water fountains are held daily in the harbour. The Lost River Delta was built among the ruins of an ancient temple pyramid in the Central American jungle.

Begin typing your search above and press return to search. Press Esc to cancel.

Tokyo Disneyland is the first Disney park outside of the United States. Tokyo Disneyland has expansive open spaces to accommodate millions of its yearly visitors. This one-day pass gives you full access to the park s seven themed areas namely Adventureland, Fantasyland, Westerland, Tomorrowland, World Bazaar, Mickey s Toontown, and Critter Country. Many of the attraction designs were patterned after the original structures depicted in Disney films. Aside from the rides, there are also live shows, afternoon parades, and nightly fireworks displays. Make your own way to Maihama Station, North Exit to redeem.

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Prepare to be amazed. Tokyo Disneyland is a place where Disney magic and amazing Japanese hospitality collide. The Disney parks are located across from the Maihama station and the Tokyo Disneyland station. This means that getting to the parks is easy by rail coming from any direction, and access is not exclusive to Disney rail. If you are staying at the military hotel, The New Sanno , you can easily hop on a train and get to Disneyland in under an hour. Tokyo Disneyland opened its gates in the early s.

Tokyo Disney Resort® Ticket Center

Tokyo Disneyland Admission Discounts: If you have more than one day, buy the 2-Day pass which gives you a really valuable discount. Buy Nighttime tickets. See More: Cheap Disneyland Tickets. Come rain or shine, there are always very long lines for tickets at the entrance, and why waste these precious hours on standing in line instead of enjoying the park? Tickets are cheaper during these off-season times, and so are Disney Hotels. Affordable Hotels near Disneyland Tokyo. Cheap Disneyland tickets.

Tokyo Disney Resort

Facebook Twitter. Tokyo Disney Resort is extremely popular with the Japanese and has been very profitable for the Oriental Land Company, which owns and operates the resort. Tokyo Disney Resort has two theme parks: Tokyo Disneyland , which opened in , and Tokyo DisneySea , which opened in Tokyo Disneyland is sort of a cross between Disneyland in California and Magic Kingdom in Florida, but it has a unique layout and there are quite a few other surprises. Some of the attractions are different.

Tokyo Disneyland Discount Ticket Tips

Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea are bucket-list destinations for many, and while prices will always be high, there are some easy methods to save some yen—maybe for a second helping of that delicious caramel popcorn. You can buy tickets one of two ways: We recommend using this authorized booking site for Tokyo Disney tickets —with their easy e-ticket you can go straight in without having to line up. You can also buy e-tickets via the Tokyo Disney resort website. One benefit of this is that Disney allows free changes to be made online for e-tickets, including last-minute ones, while other sites may charge for changes. Disney provides two e-ticket options—a date-specific ticket or an open ticket. Date-specific tickets guarantee you entry on your chosen date, even if there are restrictions in place, and are valid for three months.

One-day Tokyo Disneyland Admission Ticket, voucher redemption

A variety of tickets are available to visit the theme parks at Tokyo Disney Resort. Tokyo Disney Resort is enjoyable around the year, especially during the spring and autumn when the temperatures are most pleasant. Winter generally but not always comes with somewhat smaller crowds, while summer brings rather high temperatures and humidity. As a rule of thumb, the parks usually get particularly busy during the following periods:. If a park sees exceptionally high attendance on a particular day, entry will be limited to visitors with fixed date tickets as opposed to open date tickets and same day tickets. In order to avoid being denied entry on a high attendance day, you should purchase fixed date tickets in advance. Only staying guests of Disney Hotels and Official Hotels can purchase same day tickets at their hotel or at the welcome center, which will guaranteed entry to the parks even on days of high attendance. Tickets can be purchased either in advance or on the day of the visit.

These money-saving tips for discount Tokyo Disneyland tickets will help you find deals before you head to Japan. This will prevent you from having issues on the days when Tokyo Disney Resort tickets sell-out, and also save you time.

[Same Day Pick Up] Tokyo Disneyland or DisneySea Ticket 1 Day Pass (Tokyo/TW Pick Up)

Are there websites that offer discounted tickets? We re most likely going to go during the weekday and hopefully avoid crowds. Forgot to add I m really torn about which one to go to. I used to go to Tokyo Disneyland as a child growing up, and it have so many wonderful memories there. My BF and I are both 30yo, but we re still really wanting to go there. However on the flip side, we re also intrigued about going to Tokyo DisneySea since it is unique to Tokyo. I ve also heard great things about this theme park too. Not sure about discount tickets, though. They re asking for yen extra as a donation to send to up north. Wristbands will be available from April DisneySea is "planning" to return the initial announcements have been done , but the dates haven t been finalized.

Discounted tickets for Tokyo Disneyland or DisneySea? - Tokyo Forum

Get tips to skipping queues and experiencing all your favourite rides and shows. Look out for the ideal Tokyo Disneysea Itinerary at the end. That also makes it an incredibly crowded park and a huge challenge if you want to cover everything. Planning a trip to Japan? Tokyo Disneyland or Disneysea? Obviously both parks are incredibly magical and many swear by them being the best in the world. If you have the luxury of time, getting a 2-day Tokyo Disney Pass is a no brainer. P , Disneyland is without a doubt the one. The shows and parades are also known to be more extravagant and spectacular here compared to Disneysea. Tokyo Disneysea is totally different from any other Disney Park in the world.

Tips for Getting Disneyland Admission Discounts


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