I believe I have the right experience and the right values to be a great judge for our community, and the drive and energy to work on making our court system more fair and efficient for everyone.

I have the right experience in the sort of cases heard in our district courts. I have been practicing as an attorney since 2005, the last ten years at Schroeter Goldmark & Bender, a well-respected law firm in Seattle. In my time at SGB, I have been fortunate to learn from some of the best trial lawyers in Washington. I have tried cases in courts all over Washington, from municipal courts to federal court, and in cases ranging from misdemeanors to serious felonies. I have also handed a wide variety of civil cases, from small personal injury cases to complex financial and regulatory matters. And as a judge pro tem ( a substitute or fill-in judge), I have heard hundreds of cases, in every type of hearing handled in those courts.

My values have always driven me to use my legal experience to make the system more fair for everyone and do justice for the common person. I regularly help young people learn more about our justice system through mock trial competitions. I donate my time and energy to helping people seek clemency for sentences that were unjustly long by today’s standards. I help mothers and children seek asylum in this country when they fled from gangs and violence in their country of origin – families who come here looking for a better life. And I have worked on projects to increase the diversity of our juries, make it easier for people to re-enter society after getting out of prison, and to break the pipeline that currently exists between foster care and prison. I do these things because I believe in the power of the justice system to reflect our best values as a society.

I have had a diverse practice as an attorney, but by far my favorite place to practice has been our district courts. This is where most people have their one and only contact with the justice system, and it’s essential that we give everyone who comes there a positive view of our system.  I know the things our district courts are doing well, and I know where we need to improve. If I have the privilege of serving the people as a King County District Court Judge, I promise to work hard to make our court the best it can possibly be—more open to the public, more fair to those who can’t afford an attorney, and more efficient in the way we handle the taxpayers’ money. I look forward to meeting you during the campaign and  hope to earn your vote on November 6.