Joe Campagna brings a unique combination of small town values and diverse legal experience to the communities of Shoreline, Lake Forest Park, and Kenmore.  He will be just the kind of judge we deserve to have in our District Court – smart, experienced, and well-grounded.

Raised in a small farming town in central Pennsylvania, Joe spent summers shelling buckets of peas, feeding cows, and riding horse-drawn buggies into town with Amish neighbors.  His parents were not Amish, but were deeply involved in the “helping professions” in their community.  Dad was a Legal Aid lawyer, and Mom was a medical technician and domestic violence victims’ advocate.

Joe did well in school and was recruited to a number of Ivy League colleges.  He chose Penn but ultimately decided a smaller academic institution better suited him, and he graduated with honors from a small college in western New York state.

After a few years of travelling and living in the mountains of Colorado, Joe buckled down and attended law school at Vermont Law School — again graduating with high honors.

In 2007, Joe exchanged the beauty of Vermont for the lifestyle of the Northwest and almost immediately caught the attention of one of Seattle’s most well-respected law firms – Schroeter Goldmark & Bender.  There, Joe has established himself as an accomplished litigator with proven success in both criminal law and complex civil litigation.  He has represented hundreds of people charged with crimes ranging from simple misdemeanors to serious felonies and white collar crime in our state and federal courts.  On the other side of the legal spectrum, Joe has represented the interests of dozens of folks injured by the negligence of others and resolved complex issues of insurance law.

Joe also serves as a Judge Pro Tem in the District and Municipal Courts of King and Snohomish Counties and has found that his diverse legal experience and passion for those facing their first brush with the justice system is a perfect fit there.

Apparently, others agree.  Joe has been rated “Exceptionally Well Qualified” for the District Court bench by five independent judicial rating groups representing King County lawyers and the interests of minority attorneys in Washington.  Two others have rated him “Well Qualified.”

Joe also volunteers time and expertise to help immigrants who are endangered in their home countries with requests for asylum, and he assists those who have been incarcerated transition successfully back into society.  He is a Board member at Washington Appleseed, working to dismantle the foster care to prison pipeline, and a volunteer attorney at El Centro de La Raza’s free legal clinic.

Joe’s wife, Margaretta, is a theater actor and casting agent for a local TV show.  They make their home in Shoreline with their 3-year old daughter, Mira, and son, David, who was born in April.

When he’s not buried in law books or out running and hiking the local trails, Joe enjoys woodworking, landscaping, and amateur astronomy.